Can you paint composite doors?

Can Composite Doors Be Painted? This is something we get asked a lot here at Bespoke Door Installations. The answer is yes, but do we advise you do? No.

Because these doors are so durable and due to how they are made, painting them is a complicated process. If you ever get the urge to change the colour of your front composite door, then you should definitely speak to a professional. We’d be more than happy to help of course.

In some cases, it would be much easier to replace your existing composite door with a new one with the colour of your choice.

In the UK, there are three main types of doors homeowners have:

  • Composite
  • uPVC
  • Timber

Our composite doors are of the highest quality and guaranteed to keep their colour for 10 years, meaning that you will not suffer from the paint discolouring, cracking, chipping or fading.

Due to the safety features and benefits of composite doors, they are now considered the UK’s most popular choice of front doors. Unlike uPVC and Timber doors, doors made from composite are highly resistant to damage and warping.

When you design your composite door, you will be given a wide array of colours to choose from that will last for years to come. Because of the way composite doors are made, it may be difficult to repaint your composite door yourself.

Composite Door Colours Available

When you’re designing your composite door through our door builder (seen below) you can choose from the following shades.

  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Oak
  • Dark Wood
  • Chartwell Green
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Black Brown
  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Poppy Red (High Gloss)

Do Composite Doors Fade?

High-quality composite doors do not tend to fade and will remain in top quality condition for a long time. Our own composite doors are guaranteed for 10 years so you can rest assured that they will not fade.

Therefore you do not have to have your door repainted or revarnished to keep your composite door looking new. If your door is looking dirty, rub the dirt off with a sponge.

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