Security is one of the biggest factors people take into account when choosing the doors for their home – and another video has emerged showing why composite doors should always be the choice over UPVC alternatives.

In the real life video posted to Twitter, thieves attempt to break through the door stop composite door with Ultion cylinder lock (which we provide and fit) for over 3 minutes, before failing and giving up.

The homeowner Amjid Khan had been out for the day when his neighbours called to say that someone had tried to break in. After rushing home Amjid found that the handle of the door had snapped, but the main part of the cylinder in the lock had remained strong, prevent any intrusion.

Ultion CEO Nick Dutton explained that the lock had gone into “Lock Down Mode”, meaning that it could not be attacked due to being deep inside a solid molybdenum core, making it near on impenetrable.

Amjid said: “I specifically asked my locksmith for the same replacement lock and I’m upgrading the lock on the back door to Ultion too. I’ve recommended it to all my family and friends. I can’t recommend Ultion enough. It stopped some scumbags getting into my house and they did their best.

Had the Khan family opted for a UPVC door or alternative, it’s horrible to think how different the results could have been.

If you’re concerned about your homes security and are interested in upgrading to virtually burglary proof composite secure front doors with Ultion locking mechanism, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01623 325000, or alternatively visit our design a door tool and design your very own bespoke door. Ultion locks also come with a £1000 cashback guarantee in the event that the lock is broken in a home intrusion.

See below for the video of the attempted break in at the Khan household.