Smart Locks For Your Home

Technology has change the world immeasurably in recent years.

You now use wireless or smart technology to control so many aspects of your life, from banking, to controlling your light switches or unlocking your cars – however, for many the door has remained rather unchanged and “old fashioned”.

People still have to fumble around in their pockets for their key and then find a safe place to keep it in the home so it doesn’t get lost.

It really is a comparatively inefficient way of doing things compared to the rest of your life.

Luckily though, for the smart home fanatics, Tony Stark wannabes, and those of you out there who are sick of trying to juggle shopping, 2 kids and the house keys, there is a solution.

Introducing the Yale Conexis L1, the Yale keyless smart lock.

Front Door Smart Locks

Smart locks, like most other things entitled “smart” remove the traditional physical efforts required to open a door and instead use the wonders of technology. Smart locks typically work the same as traditional locks, with a locked or unlocked function, but rather than keyholes will have a scanner which is activated by a simple swipe of a fob, card or even phone. Some smart locks can even be controlled by voice commands with the right smart home setup.

The Yale Conexis L1 smart door lock says goodbye to physical keys and the risk of losing them, and is easily fitted with a tamper proof internal alarm for extra security.

It is also battery powered, so requires no wiring or hassle, and will not be effected in the event of power cuts.

How To Unlock Door with Phone

One of the greatest wonders of the Yale Conexis L1 smart lock is the fact that it all you to unlock your door with your phone. One simple swipe of your device and you’re in your home, another and its safely locked.

Unlocking your front door with the Yale Conexis L1 is simple, all you will need to do is download Yales secure Bluetooth app, and follow a simple configuration process. From there on all you will need to do is touch your phone to the lock and turn it 90 degrees and your door will be unlocked.

Another great feature of this smart door lock and the app is that you can send mobile keys to your family and friends, so rather than having a new key cut or leaving one under the mat for a friend, you can simply assign them a key to their phone granting them access – and then also easily revoke their access should they no longer require it.

Finally, the smart notification system allows you to safely monitor who is in your home and when your family are in, with notifications to tell you who has accessed the property.

Smart Locks On Composite Doors

We’re very happy to be able to say that we now offer the Yale Conexis L1 smart lock as an option on the composite doors that we supply and fit, alongside keypad entry and more traditional secure Yale locks.

This gives us the opportunity to cater to all needs, and gives you the ability to design your new door to your exact specification more than ever before.

See below for a video of the Yale Conexis L1 in action, and then design your very own bespoke composite door – with or without smart lock – using our bespoke design a door tool which provides a wide range of design combinations for you to choose from.

Fore more information regarding these smart locks and how they work, or anything else about our composite doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01623 325000 and we will be more than happy to help.

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