In Britain, there are 3 main door types used for homes. To understand the question “what is a composite door?” we must first know the difference between a composite door and the others.

Types Of Composite Doors

There are many types of composite doors available. Made from a wide variety of materials including, wood, PVC, insulating foam, GRP (glass reinforced plastic), they are one of the best types of doors to buy today.

Composite doors are no doubt one of the best options available to you on the market today, if not the best.

There are many benefits to choosing a composite door as your next door. Not only are they cheaper than wooden/timber alternatives – despite giving you the same visual effect as a wooden door – they are more secure, thermally efficient and durable than the highly popular PVC door.

Composite doors as we know are designed to appear just like a wooden door, but thanks to the materials used, a composite door won’t fade, discolour, or require any maintenance to keep the door in tip-top condition.

At Bespoke Door Installations, we highly recommend replacing your existing PVC door with a composite door.

Composite doors have been designed to remove common flaws from their PVC door counterparts, making it much harder for burglars to break into your home.

The reason composite doors are much more secure is that they are created with a wide variety of materials including, wood, PVC, insulating foam, GRP (glass reinforced plastic).

Composite doors don’t just yield more benefits than a PVC door either, thanks to their insulating foam core, they have a greater thermal resistance than that of a wooden front door.

Do Composite Doors Fade?

Composite doors don’t fade. Composite doors don’t fade over time is because the colour is not applied to the surface of the door. The doors aren’t painted fresh from the factory, or skinned with a thin layer of film of colour or patterned material as some UPVC doors are.

There’s no doubt composite doors are the new high standard within the door industry. You can see some of the composite doors we have installed for very happy customers below.

Design Your Composite Door

PVC Doors

When compared to a wooden door, a PVC door can be a cost-effective solution, not only are they much cheaper than a wooden door, but they also have a higher resistance to weathering and less maintenance is required.

This type of door is perhaps the most popular door in Britain today.

However, as we have seen in the video above, PVC door’s don’t offer a great deal of security, leaving your home, you and your belongings vulnerable.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are still very desirable today, despite having been around the longest.

The appearance of a wooden door is something that keeps this door much in favour of the plastic look of a PVC door, however, a wooden door can mean you reaching deep into your pockets.

This is where a composite door comes in. They combine the positives of both doors, plus more.

Design Your Composite Door

Composite Doors Prices

Composite doors can vary in price – anything from £630 to £2,000 depending on the style and make you choose.

Here at Bespoke Door Installations, our prices start from £630 and you can design your new composite front door yourself with our ‘door builder’. Click here to design your composite door.

Designing your door with our ‘online door builder’ only takes a couple of minutes, and you can choose from over 30,000 door combinations!

Once you’ve finished designing your door, fill out your details and click the red ‘Book Survey’ button and you will be provided with a free quote for fitting your new door. Please note, your free quote includes the price for survey and installation.

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