What are the benefits of composite doors?

There are many benefits of composite doors, including weatherproof, energy saving, hardwearing, don’t fade or bleach over time, and more secure than PVCU doors.

What makes composite doors different to the rest? It all comes down to the materials used and how they are made. Choosing the wrong type of front door for your home can leave you exposed to threats such as burglary.

  • Weatherproof
  • energy saving
  • hardwearing
  • don’t fade or bleach over time
  • more secure than PVCU doors

The benefits don’t end there, there are many more reasons why you should equip your home with a composite front door.

7 Reasons why should you buy a composite door

Composite doors are the number one choice for homes in the UK. Why?

    • They are strong and durable – this type of door provides fantastic strength and resilience. This is thanks to an insulating foam core and a strong outer frame.
    • Little to no maintenance is required – The skin on a composite door will not fade, warp, crack or bleach over time. This is because composite doors feature glass reinforced plastic.
    • Energy efficient front doors – Our doors are made using a calcium zing based compound, meaning they have an A rated energy certificate.
    • Bespoke composite doors available – Your front door is the first thing your visitors see and therefore has to make a good impression. Let your visitors know the type of person you are with a bespoke front composite door.
    • Composite doors keep your home, you and your family safe – External composite doors offer superb protection against burglars and intruders.
    • Safe from the elements – Our effective weather tight seals ensure no matter what the weather throws at your door, a Bespoke composite door will offer great defence. This means draughts will now be a thing of the past.
    • 10 Year Guarantee – All of our composite doors offer a 10-year guarantee. If a burglar beats your lock, we promise to replace your door for free, give you £500 and guarantee your new door for the next 10 years.

There are many front doors available for your home on the market today. However, depending on the type of door, the quality and security can vary. In comparison to timber, glass, and uPVC, composite doors are relatively new to the market. The list of benefits above makes them a great option for your home.

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