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At Bespoke Door Installations we have the highest quality of composite doors available at great prices.

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We offer a stunning range of suited furniture to match any home, from traditional hardware to contemporary stainless steel options.



Reassurance of knowing how well your door performs at keeping the heat in your home – and saving you money on your energy bills.



If he beats your lock, we promise to replace your door for free, give you £500 and guarantee your new door for the next 10 years.



Our doors are tested in a pressurised chamber to simulate gusting winds up to 80 miles an hour – that’s stronger than a hurricane.

Can you paint composite doors?

Can Composite Doors Be Painted? This is something we get asked a lot here at Bespoke Door Installations. The answer is yes, but do we advise you to do? No.

Because these doors are so durable and due to how they are made, painting them is a complicated process. If you ever get the urge to change the colour of your front composite door, then you should definitely speak to a professional. We’d be more than happy to help of course. Find out more here

Our composite doors are available in a wide range of attractive colour options so that you should never find the need to actually paint them. This includes grey composite doors, black, red, white, green blue, oak and more.

Why does your home need a composite door?

Choosing a new composite door for your home is a very good choice because a composite front door gives you all the benefits of a modern-looking door – yet the traditional look of a timber door, and brilliant energy efficiency.

  • Increased security
  • Increased Weather Resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Peace and Quiet
  • 10-year guarantee
  • No maintenance
  • More choice

Find out more here

What is a composite door?

There are many types of composite doors available. Made from a wide variety of materials including, wood, PVC, insulating foam, GRP (glass reinforced plastic), they are one of the best types of doors to buy today.

Composite doors are no doubt one of the best options available to you on the market today, if not the best. Find out more here

Will a composite door fade?

Composite doors don’t fade. Composite doors don’t fade over time is because the colour is not applied to the surface of the door. The doors aren’t painted fresh from the factory, or skinned with a  thin layer of film of colour or patterned material as some UPVC doors are.

Why choose a composite door?

Composite doors offer the look, feel and security of a timber door without any of the problems you face with a timber door. These include problems such as cracking, bowing, twisting and much more. Not only are composite doors probably the toughest door available, but they also offer great thermal performance. Keeping the heat in your home and lowering your energy bills.

How do you clean a composite door?

It’s actually quite simple, all you have to do is wipe over your door with a damp cloth, restoring it to its original finish. The same can be applied to the door frame. If your door has stained areas or dirt that won’t budge you may need to use a uPVC cleaning product. Make sure you use the cleaner correctly in order to avoid spoiling the finish of the door.

How much do composite doors cost?

Composite doors can vary in price – anything from £650 to £2,000 depending on the style and make you choose.

Here at Bespoke Door Installations, our prices start from £650 and you can design your new composite front door yourself with our ‘door builder’.

Composite Door Colours

Our composite doors are available in 13 different colours;

  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Oak
  • Dark Wood
  • Chartwell Green
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Black Brown
  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Poppy Red (High Gloss)

You can also choose from 9 different frame colours for your external composite door;

  • White
  • Golden Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Cherrywood
  • Whitegrain
  • Black Brown
  • Chartwell Green
  • Cream
  • Grey

All of which can be configured with gold, chrome, black, white and contemporary hardware.

GRP Skinned

Our composite doors use glass-reinforced plastic skins to give great definition and give it a longer life.

Door Type Expected Life Maintenance
Softwood Door 25 Years Paint, 5 Years
Hardwood Door 35 Years Paint, 5 Years
Steel Composite Door 30 Years Wipe Clean
PVC Composite Door 25 Years Wipe Clean
GRP Composite Door 35 Years Wipe Clean
PVC Panel Door 20 Years Wipe Clean

Information from HAPM (Housing Association Provident Mutual) and BRE (Building Research Establishment)