Composite Fire Doors

Safe, secure, fire resistant composite fire doors for your home.

Design your own bespoke composite fire door today.

All doors fully tested and meet the latest fire safety regulations, guaranteeing at least 30 minutes of fire resistance.

£500 cashback offer available in the event of a break in

Free surveys, quotes and fitting included on all composite fire doors


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External Fire Doors for Flats, Apartments & More

Doors play an important part in any home. Not only do they keep the house secure, and contribute to the overall look of the property, but they can also be incredibly important when it comes to safety. Selecting a durable and safe door is incredibly important, which is why here at Bespoke Door Installations we are proud to be able to say that we can now offer Solid Core FD30 Fire Doors – composite doors that meet the very latest requirements and regulations with regards to fire safety.

Composite Fire Doors are increasingly popular, especially with those who live in an apartment/flat blocks, shared spaces, or anywhere that a fire could possibly reach the outside doors of the property.


What are FD30 Fire Doors?

FD30 Fire Doors are Composite Fire Doors designed for external use on any property.

FD30 Fire Doors are not like typical composite doors, however, as they are built to be extra fire resistant, making them very popular with those who live in blocks of flats or apartments, and other shared areas.

The FD part stands for “Fire Door” whilst the “30” signals how much fire resistance the door has, so all of our FD 30 fire doors are guaranteed to keep fire out for at least 30 minutes, giving those inside time to escape, be rescued, or control the fire.

All FD30 doors are physically tested against a temperature controlled furnace to make sure that they achieve this minimum 30-minute standard and are able to keep you, your family, and your property safe.


Design Your Own Fire Door

Using our very own bespoke door designer tool you can now design your very own composite fire door to suit your exact tastes. We have a huge range of colours, styles and accessory options for you to choose from to meet all desires. Design your door below and send it to our team for a free quote & survey – to make your door into a fire door, just let our team know when they contact you.


The  door designer below is for standard GRP composite doors only. FD30 fire doors start from £1145 fitted including VAT. Please call us on 01623 325000 or email us at for more information.